Notary Services

Notary Services - Box Depot - Los Angeles, CA

We Can Perform a Variety of Notary Services:

We provide numerous notary services. We can efficiently and effectively help you notarize your important documents. We can provide notary service for documents such as:

  • Contracts.

  • Loan documents for purchase, refinance, and modifications.

  • Grant Deeds, Deed of trust, Etc.

  • Contractor’s Lien Waivers.

  • Medical Release forms.

  • Car Title Transfers.

  • Power of Attorney.

  • Settlements.

  • Affidavits.

  • Minor Child travel authorization letter, or ID kits.

Keeping your documents secure and safe throughout their time in storage, shipping, and beyond is majorly important. At The Box Depot in West Hollywood, CA, we offer high-efficiency notary service to ensure your documents get the exact attention they need.

We do not cut corners, and we never sacrifice quality in our work. Even with the highest profile information, we take extra precautions to keep your information safe.



Call Us Today to Inquire About Our Notary Service

We have a state-certified Notary on staff during normal business hours. However, it is recommended that you call before coming to the store to make sure! appointments are not necessary.