International Shipping

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Wondering about our international shipping services?

At The Box Depot in Los Angeles, CA we offer international shipping services using the major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL for small packages and freight.

Where in the World Would You Like Us to Ship Your Goods?

Sure, the world may seem big; but we make it small for you with our extensive worldwide crating and shipping services via the big, blue freeway in the sky.

As a multi-carrier Shipping Center, we provide you with several options to ship your items within the US and/or Canada to meet your every shipping needs!

We utilize all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL for small packages and freight (over 150 lbs).

Our discounted rates, which we have set up with all the major carriers, provide the best possible shipping rates to our customers.

In addition to our wide range of shipping options within the US and Canada, we also offer seamless international shipping solutions to destinations around the globe. Whether it’s across the border or across oceans, we ensure your items reach their destination efficiently and affordably.

Next Business Day International Air Shipping

This premium international shipping service ensures expedited delivery of international shipments within the next business day. Leveraging air transportation networks, it offers swift and reliable delivery solutions for time-sensitive packages destined for locations outside the sender’s country. This option is particularly beneficial for businesses requiring urgent delivery of goods or documents to international clients or partners.

Air Freight for Next Business Day Delivery to Europe

Specifically tailored for shipments bound for European destinations, this air freight service guarantees next business day delivery. Whether it’s parcels, documents, or commercial cargo, this option provides a rapid transit solution, facilitating efficient trade and commerce between regions. It caters to businesses seeking fast and reliable transportation solutions for their European clientele, enhancing competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Air Freight for One to Five Business Days Delivery to Over 210 Countries Worldwide

This comprehensive air freight service offers flexible delivery options spanning one to five business days to over 210 countries globally. It accommodates varying shipment requirements and transit times, catering to a wide range of international destinations. Whether it’s urgent parcels or less time-sensitive cargo, this service ensures timely and efficient delivery worldwide, supporting global trade and logistics operations.

Ground Services for Small Packages and/or Freight (over 150 Lbs.) to Canada

Ground services provide cost-effective shipping solutions for small packages and freight shipments exceeding 150 pounds destined for Canada. With reliable transit times and competitive pricing, this option serves businesses and individuals seeking economical shipping options to Canadian addresses. It ensures efficient transportation while minimizing logistics costs, making it an attractive choice for cross-border trade and commerce.

Sea or Ocean Freight Delivery to All Major Ports ( Less-Than or Full Container Loads)

Sea or ocean freight services offer economical transportation solutions for shipments to all major ports worldwide, accommodating both less-than-container-load (LCL) and full-container-load (FCL) shipments. Whether it’s commercial goods, household items, or oversized cargo, sea freight provides a cost-effective option for long-distance transportation. With access to a vast network of shipping routes and carriers, this service ensures reliable delivery to global destinations, supporting international trade and supply chain operations.

Door-to-port or Door-to-Door Delivery Services

These delivery services offer convenience and flexibility by providing either door-to-port or door-to-door shipping solutions. Door-to-port services deliver shipments to the recipient’s nearest port, allowing them to arrange for further transportation or pickup. On the other hand, door-to-door services ensure end-to-end delivery, bringing shipments directly to the recipient’s specified address. These options cater to diverse customer needs and preferences, offering seamless international shipping solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Customs Clearance services

Customs clearance services streamline the process of importing or exporting goods across international borders by managing customs formalities and documentation requirements. Experienced customs brokers facilitate smooth clearance procedures, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and minimizing delays or complications at customs checkpoints. These services provide businesses with expert assistance in navigating complex customs procedures, facilitating efficient international trade and logistics operations.

Domestic Shipping

This service encompasses the transportation of goods between countries, typically within a single company’s network or through partnerships with international carriers. It involves navigating customs regulations, coordinating with various transportation modes (air, sea, land), and ensuring timely delivery across borders. Domestic international shipping provides businesses and individuals with a reliable means to send parcels or cargo overseas.

Expedited Next-Day Air or Overnight Shipping

Expedited shipping options guarantee delivery within the next business day, providing a swift solution for urgent shipments. Utilizing air transportation, these services prioritize speed and efficiency, making them ideal for time-sensitive items such as perishable goods, medical supplies, or critical business documents.

Express Two or Three days Air Services – Guaranteed

This service offers a slightly more flexible timeframe compared to next-day shipping, guaranteeing delivery within two or three business days. It balances speed with cost-effectiveness, providing businesses and customers with expedited delivery options while accommodating slightly longer transit times.

Economy Ground Services to Any Address in the Contiguous U.S. ( 3-5 Business Days )

Economy ground services offer a cost-effective solution for non-urgent shipments within the contiguous United States. With delivery typically within 3 to 5 business days, this option appeals to budget-conscious customers or businesses with less time-sensitive shipments.

Freight Services ( Ground or Air ) – Packages Over 150 Lbs, for Less than a Truck Load (LTL) or Full Truck-Loads (FTL)

Freight services cater to larger shipments exceeding 150 pounds, offering both ground and air transportation options. Less than a truckload (LTL) shipping consolidates smaller shipments into a single truck, while full truckloads (FTL) accommodate larger volumes, providing flexibility and efficiency for businesses with varying cargo sizes.

Add-On Services such as: White Glove Residential Delivery, Lift Gate, Inside Delivery, and Debris removal

These additional services enhance the delivery experience, catering to specific customer needs or handling requirements. White glove residential delivery involves specialized handling and delivery to homes, ensuring utmost care and attention. Lift gate services facilitate the unloading of heavy or oversized items from delivery vehicles. Inside delivery brings packages directly inside a building or residence, while debris removal ensures the cleanup of packaging materials post-delivery, offering convenience and peace of mind to recipients.

Fully Insured

This assurance signifies that shipments are protected against loss, damage, or theft during transit. Comprehensive insurance coverage provides financial protection and reassurance to both senders and recipients, mitigating risks associated with transportation and delivery. Fully insured services offer peace of mind, ensuring that valuable or fragile items are safeguarded throughout the international shipping process, and enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction.

We gladly serve West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West LA, Century City, and surrounding areas. Contact us for all of your International Shipping needs. We will listen and help find the best solution for all your international shipping needs!