File Storage & Retrieval

Secure Your File Storage in the Safety of Our System.

We offer secure file storage & retrieval that you can rely on to keep your clients’ information safe and available. This improves the security of your business while also maintaining an account for all of your files. We don’t you to have to scramble if the business ever moves, or have any sense of doubt over where your files are and why.


Why risk losing valuable client information with poor storage options? Keep your clients and your own files safe today.

How To Ensure the Safety of Your Files

  • Bring your file boxes to us at the Box Depot.
  • Complete the simple contract that we supply you.
  • We will immediately contact West Coast Archives for pickup.
  • West Coast Archives will pick up your file box for storage at our safe, secure, and insured facility.
  • West Coast Archives will contact you ASAP with a barcode number for each box you have in storage.
  • Notification of barcode and billing will be via e-mail, phone, or U.S Mail

Storage Charges

  • Standard file box size (15x12x10) cost ¢50 per box per month for storage.
  • Non-standard-size boxes are $1.50/cubic foot monthly.
  • 1 to 9 Boxes……Prepaid Annual
  • 10 to 24 Boxes…….Bi-Annual Billing
  • 25 Boxes & Over………Billed Monthly
  • Payment can be made on your credit card or check