File Storage & Retrieval

Secure your files in the safety of our storage system.

We offer secure file storage & retrieval that you can rely on to keep your clients’ information safe and available.

How To Ensure the Safety of Your Files

  • Bring your file boxes to us at the Box Depot.
  • Complete the simple contract that we supply you.
  • We will immediately contact West Coast Archives for pickup.
  • West Coast Archives will pick up your file box for storage at our safe, secure, and insured facility.
  • West Coast Archives will contact you ASAP with a barcode number for each box you have in storage.
  • Notification of barcode and billing will be via e-mail, phone, or U.S Mail

Storage Charges

  • Standard file box size (15x12x10) cost ¢50 per box per month for storage.
  • Non-standard-size boxes are $1.50/cubic foot monthly.
  • 1 to 9 Boxes……Prepaid Annual
  • 10 to 24 Boxes…….Bi-Annual Billing
  • 25 Boxes & Over………Billed Monthly
  • Payment can be made on your credit card or check