Document Shredding

We do Some Serious Document Shredding.

Document shredding started when identity theft became a rising issue. Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the US today? It’s true.

The single, most effective method of eliminating identity theft is to shred your sensitive documents. It also condenses down all document removal for your property with safe, efficient recycling methods. These strategies protect yourself, your business, and your life.

At the Box Depot, we provide industrial-grade shredding services at affordable prices.

The Step-By-Step of What To Do With Your Documents:

  • Bring your documents/paperwork to the Box Depot for shredding.

  • The Box Depot will place your documents/paperwork in a locked and secured bin for shredding.

  • West Coast Archives will pick up the bin when full and shred your documents at their own secure and insured facility.

  • You also have the option to request a shredding certification in the mail as proof that your documents were safely and securely shredded.

We carry standard size file box ( 15″x12″x10″ ) and non-standard size boxes and or bags – inquiring about prices

By the pallet or by the pound, we’ll make sure your documents end up safely shredded into a million pieces.