Custom Crates

Wondering whether we have the custom crates materials you need?

At The Box Depot in West Hollywood, CA, we can craft you outstanding custom crates— you can count on it!

Perfectly fitted custom crates are difficult to find, especially for unique materials in transit. Luckily, we’ve prepared custom shipping solutions for you today.


Your Trusted Local Crate and Shipping Service


At The Box Depot in Los Angeles, CA, we have experienced crate-builders on staff to provide you with the best solution for all your crate shipping needs.

If you email us the size and material of the item you need a crate for, we can quickly come up with the best fit and most economical crate size and send you a price quote for both packing and shipping.

We can custom-make a crate to fit virtually anything. Our expert packers, know exactly what cushioning material they should use and how to create custom crates that fits your item like a glove while providing maximum protection during shipment.

  • Crate Lining – We use styrofoam, sponge foam, or polyfoam sheets
  • Foam Wrap – Selected items will be foam wrapped!
  • Palletizing & Shrink Wrapping – Most freight will be palletized and shrink wrapped!

Depending on what item you need to be crated, we can design the right crate to fit your need:

  • Full Crate – All-wood crate lined with various types of cushioning materials as needed.
  • Combo Crates – Combination of corrugated sheets with all-wood framings.