Shrinkwrap can be hugely helpful during the packing and shipping process. It helps to prevent breakage when you pack fragile items to be shipped long distances. There are many benefits to using shrinkwrap, such as that it can save money in the long run because it is cheaper than other means of packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Furthermore, shrinkwrap is very adaptable to fit over many items, it is safe, it uses less than other packing options (making it more cost-effective), its more convenient due to its easy cleanup, and the plastic used is usually able to be recycled making shrinkwrap a great environmentally friendly option as well!

Here are some tips when packing your items in shrinkwrap for shipping…


Tips for using shrinkwrap:

  • Clean and disassemble your items before shrinkwrapping them
  • If you want to add extra padding around the items, do so before wrapping them in shrinkwrap
  • You can wrap in layers both horizontally and vertically to ensure full protection
  • It may be helpful to have an extra person to help hold the items in place while you wrap them
  • You won’t need packing tape

Whether you’re on the verge of a big move, you sell items online, or you’re sending items to a friend or family member, shrinkwrapping may be the best option for you because it is quick, cheap, adaptable to many shapes, and easy to remove and recycle after usage.

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