Shipping furniture may seem like an impossible task. Shipping large items like furniture can be stressful because you’ll want to make sure it all gets to its final destination in one piece without any damage. Shipping furniture greatly depends on the type of furniture being shipped, which we will get more into. We’re here to give you some tips and help out if you need us!

The shipping process

The Bedroom

The best way to prepare bedding for shipping is to wrap everything in moving blankets or a mattress bag. For other more breakable items like the headboard and footboard, those can be wrapped in bubble wrap and/or moving blankets as well.

The living room

You can roll your area rug around some PVC piping to make it tight and secure, and then cover it in shrink wrap before placing it in a box.

For the sofa, take apart any removable pieces and store them in sealed bags. Completely wrap the rest of the sofa with moving blankets.

For your dining set, it is safest to remove the legs from the table and chairs and place tube socks over the wood to protect from scratching. Wrap as much as you can in bubble wrap.

Other rooms

If you have any other rooms that contain furniture that need to be shipped, be sure to wrap any surfaces that may be susceptible to scratching or tearing in either shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or moving blankets. If your furniture pieces come apart, it is best to remove the parts and wrap them individually for easier packing and storage. The last thing wanted is any movement inside the box, so be sure to fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Once you’re ready to ship, be sure that all of your boxes are sturdy, not tearing at the edges, and are well taped together.