Preparing glass to be shipped can seem like a daunting task, here is how it’s possible…


When prepping glass items to be shipped, be sure to lay the glass items down in a container, preferably a sturdy cardboard box with a dependable layer of packing material on the bottom and sides. Materials such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap are common materials that have been known to work well for protecting glass by filling the empty spaces in the box so that no movement occurs during transport.


After the prepping stage, the glass items should be thoroughly wrapped in wrapping or packaging paper to ensure that nothing on the top or sides of the glass is cracked or dented when transported. Recycled newspaper can be used perfectly for this purpose if nothing else is available. Then, wrap the glass items again in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Be sure to pack tightly.


Once the glass items have been thoroughly and securely wrapped in both paper and bubble wrap, and contained in a sturdy container with a layer of protection on the bottom of the box, it is time to anchor all of the glass items with packing tape to ensure the wrapped layers stay in place. From there, it is always a good idea to make sure there is space between the glass items if shipping multiple items so that the glass does not rub together and create damage. You can make space between the glass items with extra bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Lastly, for good measure, the inner seams of the cardboard box can be taped to decrease the probability of tears and that box can be placed inside a slightly larger box to certify that there will definitely be no holes or wear during the shipping process.