When shipping a piece of artwork overseas, to a new home, or as a gift, preparing the piece can be difficult on your own. Here are a few tips to get the process going quickly, ensuring that your piece will arrive safely.




First off, you have to find a material that wraps the piece efficiently, while also being sturdy enough to avoid any damage. A thin sheet of wax paper is a great first step to begin with, which will have no effect on most materials in terms of damage. A layer of bubble wrap is complemented well with packing tape, which should be applied towards the end of the packing process.


Is the piece framed?


If the piece is framed, the packing process is much simpler. You should try to find a frame for the piece if it doesn’t have one, but there are some alternatives. Corner protectors are a must in either case, since they ensure the piece’s shape isn’t compromised.

Is the piece dry?


If the piece isn’t dry, shipping will be a disaster. Avoid this as best you can, even if on a time restriction for project completion or for an event. Do not compromise the piece by rushing it to be shipped.



Do not include glass if possible


Glass has a tendency to cause issues in shipping. Also, if the frame itself has glass on it, removing it will make the packaging much safer. Put on additional wrapping in place of the glass to account for the missing space.


How to get started


After you’ve measured your piece and prepared any excess materials you want to include in shipping, it’s time to get in touch. Give us a call and we’ll answer any remaining questions you may have, ensuring safety in transit. We are really looking forward to hearing from you!