Whether you’re an artist shipping your work abroad to a buyer or an art collector moving from one resident to another, it’s important to have each item well-packed and wrapped. Here is a straightforward guide on how to cautiously pack artwork framed with glass for shipping:


1. Tape the glass.


The truth of the matter is that glass is prone to breaking during the shipment process. If you want to avoid the glass of the frame breaking, it’s necessary that you tape it. Use some high-end tape or painter’s tape in this instance, as it can be easily removed from the glass surface without leaving a film across the surface.


2. Wrap the artwork.


Once the glass is taped, utilize some bubble wrap to wrap up your artwork. Make sure the bubbles face outward and don’t touch the work. Wrap the piece entirely, but do not overdo it. After you’ve finished, securely tape all the seams.


3. Choose the box.


If you are shipping a small piece of artwork, you can use a durable cardboard box. However, before putting your packaging into the box, it is recommended that you insert a piece of thin wood on either side. Moreover, you should also fill the space around the artwork with packaging chips, foam peanuts, or another packing material. Once everything is done, put this box into a larger one and also fill it with more packing material for better protection.


4. Label the box.


Do not forget to label the box with all the necessary shipping information.


Last but not least, use special shipping labels (e.g., “this way up” or “fragile”) to pay art handlers’ and art movers’ attention to the content of your box.