4 Shipping and Packing Tips

Save Time and Money

Many people have come to realize that they are overpaying on shipping. These costs have a direct impact on the bottom line of many small businesses, not to mention the finances of private individuals. However, you may not realize just how easy it can be to save both money and time when you choose the right shipping options and strategies.


# 1: Determine Exact Weights

You could easily overpay if you simply guess how much the packages you are going to mail will weigh. Spending a few dollars on a small postal scale can make a big difference to your finances if you ship regularly. Not only does determining the exact weight of each package help ensure that you pay the right amount for shipping every time, but it also helps businesses more accurately price their products. No matter what the business type, shipping prices need to be accurately factored into the cost of the items.


# 2: Buy Supplies Online

One way to save time and money on packing and shipping is to buy your supplies online. For one thing, this helps save you a significant amount of time running out to buy missing materials at the last minute. In addition, packing up a box takes a lot longer than slipping something into an envelope, but if you do not have the right envelope available you might have no alternative. You will also waste money if you ship a heavier package than necessary. Of course, you likely will also be able to finding your shipping supplies online quite a bit cheaper than you could in most stores.


# 3: Use Light Materials

Whenever possible, use padded bags or envelopes for your shipping needs. These are quick and easy to pack, they protect their contents well, and because they are so light, they are often cheaper to ship then other types of packaging.


# 4: Print Labels at Home

Most major shipping companies also allow you to print your own shipping labels and pay for shipping through your computer. Even if you do not have your packages picked up, simply being able to walk up to the counter and drop them off instead of having to wait in line is a huge time savings.