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The Box Depot has experienced Crate builders on staff to provide you with the best solution for all your Crating needs. If you email us info{a} the size and material of the item you need to be crated, we can quickly come up with the best fit and most economical crate size and send you a price quote for both packing and shipping.

We can custom-make a crate to fit virtually anything. Our Expert Packers, know exactly what cushioning material they should use and how to create a custom container that fit your item like a glove while providing maximum protection during shipment.

  • Crate Lining - We use Styrofoam, Spongfoam, or Polyfoam sheets
  •  Foamwrap - Selected items will be foam wrapped!
  • Palletizing & Shrink Wrapping - Most Freight will be palletized and shrink wrapped!

Depending on what item you need to be crated, we can design the right Crate to fit your need:

  • Full Crate - All wood crate lined with various type of cushioning Materials as needed.
  • Combo Crates - Combination of Corrugated sheets with all wood farmings.